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4Social Work are a specialist recruitment agency specialising in the temporary and permanent placement of Qualified Social Workers, Care Workers and Nurses nationwide.

The agency was established to provide a bespoke and care-focused recruitment experience for both candidates and clients. On contract across the UK, we provide social work jobs, care work jobs and nurses to local authorities, the NHS and private organisations.

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About Us

4Social Work are a specialist recruitment agency dedicated to providing social workers and care workers in a bespoke and care focused recruitment experience for candidates and clients. Established in 2005, we specialise in placing candidates in temporary and permanent roles within social work, social care and the public sector.

We believe in putting our candidates and clients needs first. Our ethos and approach means we develop strong and lasting relationships with both parties through integrity, reliability and best practice recruitment.

On contract nationwide, we work with a wide range of clients in the public and private sectors. Our specialist team consisting of resourcers, consultants and safeguarding officers ensure a dedicated and personal service through every step of your journey, alongside career advice and support.

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Featured News

What is the Care Certificate?
The Care Certificate was introduced in April 2015 to replace both the Common Induction Standards and the National Minimum Training Standards for all staff new to the healthcare and social care sectors. It came about as a result of the Francis Inquiry which looked into the serious failings at Mid-Staffordshire NHS Trust. Following this report, Camilla Cavendish was asked to review the recruitment, training and support of care workers within both the healthcare and social care sectors. One of the recommendations of the Cavendish Review (July 2013) was to standardise the approach to induction training across the sectors with the development of the Care Certificate.

Who needs to complete the Care Certificate?
All staff new to care need to complete the Care Certificate within the first 12 weeks in their role. Staff who have previously completed the Common Induction Standards do not need to complete the Care Certificate, although some employers may wish to “top up” their learning and competency assessments in order to award the Care Certificate.

Employers have 6 months from the 1st April launch date to ensure that all of their training and induction procedures are in line with the new standards.

What does the Care Certificate cover?
The Care Certificate has 15 standards and clearly sets out the learning outcomes, competences and standards of care that will be expected. It aims to ensure the sector prepares caring, compassionate staff who will provide quality care. The standards are:

1. Understand Your Role 2. Your Personal Development 3. Duty of Care 4. Equality and Diversity 5. Work in a Person Centred Way 6. Communication 7. Privacy and Dignity 8. Fluids and Nutrition 9. Awareness of Mental Health, Dementia and Learning Disabilities 10. Safeguarding Adults 11. Safeguarding Children 12. Basic Life Support 13. Health and Safety 14. Handling Information 15. Infection Prevention and Control

How is the Care Certificate assessed?
The major difference between the Care Certificate and previous induction training is that certain elements require that a workplace assessment of competence is undertaken by an occupationally competent assessor. Training courses, e-learning, workbooks, seminars and supervisions can be combined to deliver the standards, however the Care Certificate cannot be awarded without direct workplace assessment.

Once awarded, the Care Certificate is the property of the individual, and unlike previous induction training it is transferable between employers.

Will agency workers have the Care Certificate?
During the consultation period Managers from 4Social Work provided input about the position of agency workers. We were concerned that agencies will not be able to award the Care Certificate due to the fact that agency workers cannot be directly assessed in the workplace by the agency, as they are under the direction and supervision of the client. After the details of the Care Certificate were published we contacted Skills for Care who have now clarified their position on this; the relevant part is quoted below:

“It would not be possible for recruitment agencies who do not directly deliver care themselves to complete the Care Certificate for new workers coming into the sector. This is because the Care Certificate can only be signed off and issued by organisations who directly deliver care themselves. Recruitment agencies can help the process by providing training associated with the Care Certificate. Providing evidence of past training and qualifications can help the care organisations where the temporary workers will then be placed to determine what additional needs to be trained and assessed in the workplace.”

Skills for Care have produced a series of documents called the “Recommendation for CQC Providers Guide” and Part 4 – Inducting Care Workers provides useful guidance around the Care Certificate and the use of recruitment agencies.

What will 4Social Work deliver in our induction?
4Social Work are mapping our current training courses to ensure that we meet all of the requirements of the 15 standards set out in the Care Certificate. This will cover all of the theoretical elements of the standards and the practical training that we can evidence using simulated activity. As explained above we will be unable to award agency workers with the Care Certificate as we cannot complete the workplace assessment elements. However, we will provide evidence of these courses and competences to our clients.

What is it?

The Update Service was introduced by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) in June 2013. This service ensures your DBS certificate will be kept up to date. You can take it with you from role to role (within the same workforce) where the same type and level of check is required.

The main purpose of the Update Service is so that an employer can use your current DBS certificate to carry out a free, instant online check (with your consent) to see if any new information has come to light since its issue. If there is no change in status, the employer can accept the certificate instead of undertaking a new DBS application.

Benefits of the Update Service

Not only will it save the waiting time for a DBS to be processed to start a role, for agency staff who will need a DBS issued yearly, being subscribed to the Update Service will be extremely beneficial. This is because you will not need to spend time applying for a new DBS every year and waiting for it to be processed.

This is also the case for when a locum is registered with several agencies. Usually you need a DBS issued by that agency but if you are subscribed to the Update Service, you should be able to use that DBS with different agencies.

How to apply

You will be able to subscribe to the Update Service for an annual fee of £13. This is entirely voluntary and you would not be obliged to sign up.

If you have subscribed to the Update Service then we will be able to go online, with your consent and carry out a free, instant check to find out if the information released on the DBS certificate is current and up to date.

If you would like to register for the Update Service, you will now be able to do this on receipt of your certificate from the DBS. You can register for the Update Service at

Please note, you have only 19 days from the issue date of your certificate to register for the Update Service. If you have had a DBS issued within 19 days or are due to have one processed, please consider subscribing.